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Farms of Amador Membership 2018

Become a member today! Farms of Amador is a countywide marketing and education program to assist local producers market their products. Its objectives are to create consumer appreciation of the local agricultural products and promote agri-tourism, stimulating community appeal, profitability and increased production. Additionally, Farms of Amador is committed to sustain and support open space and the rural quality of Amador County.

Farms of Amador focuses on:

  • Developing an expanded demand for locally grown and processed foods.
  • Enabling producers to more effectively reach customers.
  • Encouraging enhanced agriculture production, profitability and opportunity.
  • Educating producers in production, distribution, and marketing.
  • Creating and enhancing a more sustainable community.
  • Identifying and developing new markets with grocers, restaurants, shops and other stores.
  • Expanding and developing direct marketing opportunities.
  • Creating educational packets for the media, consumers, schools and the general public.
  • Helping with youth oriented agricultural education programs, fairs and activities.
Youth Education Project

Plymouth Farmers Market

Sunflower Field


If you would like to sign up for 2018 Farms of Amador Membership, please fill in the form below and pay your $30 fee by clicking on the secure PayPal link.

OR you may send us your name, address, phone, and email, and a check for $30 payable to “Farms of Amador” to:

Farms of Amador Membership
PO Box 1543
Jackson CA 95642-1543

Price: $ 30.00
Membership Fee